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This battery, which produced about 1.1 volts, was used to power telegraphs, telephones, and even to ring doorbells in homes for over 100 years.The applications were all stationary ones, because motion would mix the two electrolyte liquids.Otherwise, we would have to ask "How many galvans does your battery produce?" instead of asking "how many volts does your battery produce?

How handy for us that he was well known for his publications and received recognition for this through the naming of the standard unit of electric potential as the volt.While its 2000-year old date would make it the first documented battery invention, there may have been even earlier technology at work. Konig also found Sumerian vases made of copper, but plated with silver, dating back to 2500 BC.No evidence of Sumerian batteries has been found to date.1747 -- Principle of the telegraph discovered, but not battery-powered.He used two dissimilar metals in contact with a moist substance to touch dissected frog legs.The resulting current made the muscles in the frog legs twitch.

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